I Love Ham


Dear Daisy Mae,
Our humans love dogs and now they’d like to get one, and we think that’s pretty scary. Why do you doggies try to scare us? Even you little doggies are bigger than we are.


Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil (Not wusses, just cautious Guinea Pigs)
Hutch A Good Life Guinea Pigs


Dear NNBB,

I had no idea what a Guinea Pig was until you wrote (Thanks, BTW). Apparently, you’re a sort of Hamster, only bigger. My guess is that dogs get confused by creatures with Pig in their names (Ham, too, now that I think about it.) My advice is to get to know your new housemate, the dog, very well when he/she is just a puppy. You can convince puppies of anything. You’ll have a month or two to convince yours that you’re a dog. Never mention pig or ham. Oh, and you sound like squeak toys. So you’d best be quiet or develop a deeper voice. Also, try barking every now and then.

Daisy Mae



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