Meow, Fireworks sound like “Splosions”


Dear Daisy Mae,
My Cat Daddy says that on July 4th, a lot of people shoot off fireworks & such to celebrate. I get scared & run under the couch when there\’s thunder, so I\’m worried about doing that this week. I there anything my people can do to make me feel better? I don’t think they can go around to all the neighbors and towns to ask them not to use fireworks, can they?
Thanks for reading my question!

Frogger, the Cat


Dear Frogger
You’re a cat, you say? We have one of those where I live. Her name’s Lucy and she doesn’t seem to care about fireworks or thunderstorms one way or the other. Of course, she’s been through 7 hurricanes and probably has nerves of steel. Until your letter arrived, I thought all cats were like that.

I asked Lucy about your problem and her first reaction was catnip! Lucy’s first reaction to everything seems to be catnip. She suggests that you enjoy this catnip in an internal bathroom with the door closed and music playing, as long as it’s not the 1812 Overture. And that your human check on you every now and then. Knowing cats, I’m sure you’ll try to make a break for it during the first check to go hide under the couch. Think of the catnip!
Hope this works out.

All the best,
Daisy Mae



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