Dear Daisy Mae,

My dog Fergus pulls on his leash so hard when I walk him that he seems to choke himself. What is the best way to stop him from doing this?

Charlie Sherrill
Bradenton, FL

Dear Charlie,

Thanks for writing. I used to be just like Fergus, then I got trained!

At first dogs don’t like training but when we realize that it makes you humans happy we go along with it. Mostly because we love you. You could train Fergus yourself but that might not be a good idea for a lot of reasons. My humans took me to PetSmart for a dozen sessions followed by an exam. Then I got a Certificate and we moved on to the Intermediate class which, of course, I passed with flying colors and got another Certificate. One of the best things about the class is that other dogs were there, my classmates. We all wanted to be the best in class.

If you want to try training Fergus yourself, you might want to start by Googling “How to train a dog to heel”. You’ll find a lot of excellent videos. Watch a few of them and once you get the general idea, start working with Fergus. Remember that it’s a contest between the two of you to see who’s in charge. Fergus wants to be the leader but once he realizes that you are more than capable of being the leader and, more important, serious about it, he’ll let you take over.

Never give up though. You’re the boss. A nice boss, but the boss and Fergus needs to know that.

All the best, Daisy Mae



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