My Mom collects dogs, dog figurines, that is. I’m her only real one.

The figurines she collects all say: “Made In Occupied Japan”on the bottoms. It means they were made when the Allies ran Japan from 1945 to about 1952.

It was quite an era for the fast-working Japanese artists who produced an astonishing number of miniature masterpieces while their country was rebuilding after the war. Most of the “Occupied” output came to the US and you will still see them in antique stores. Mom finds them irresistible and, somehow, has collected hundreds including dozens of little dog sculptures.


This one looks like a cartoon character, so familiar but why?

Maybe from an old TV cartoon or comic strip?


This little pup with an apparent toothache reminds me of Bingo, the dog on the Cracker Jack box. He’s an Occupied Japan figurine, too.


This smaller poodle-like figurine was made in California by hand by Jane Callender. The technique she used made the hair look like spaghetti.

I’ll show you some of my Mom’s other dogs in her collection and maybe some of them look like you.

Daisy Mae



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