Baby-sitting Daisy Mae

By Emilian Gruev

Emilian is a Biomedical Informatics student at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, FL. He works in the afternoons in Daisy Mae’s Mom’s office, while Daisy Mae sleeps a couple of feet away.

Every now and then Daisy Mae’s Mom and Dad both have to go away. Last time it was Prague or maybe it was Wasa, British Columbia. Somewhere far.

I usually go over to Daisy Mae’s house to stay with her and her sister, Lucy the cat. It’s a lot of fun. Daisy Mae chases Lucy around the house but Lucy has way too many moves. She’s like a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, if running backs could run straight up walls and ricochet over the heads of the defense.

They both sleep with me when I stay over and it’s usually peaceful until about 3:00 a.m. when Lucy decides she wants to be chased and whaps Daisy Mae on the top of the head. Daisy Mae is delighted to oblige. Five minutes later, they’re both sound asleep again.

Since dogs shouldn’t eat cat food, Lucy’s stash is always on top of something Daisy Mae can’t reach. Nonetheless, Daisy Mae sits and watches attentively as Lucy eats, probably hoping she’ll drop something good.

Occasionally, when I take Daisy Mae on an outing, she loves outings, I’ll bring her to my parents’ home about 10 miles away and let her run loose. Daisy Mae charges around the house, says hi to Lucky, our ancient Lab who’s always startled to see her, and chases Hunter, our cat, who has as many moves as Lucy. So Daisy Mae heads out to the back yard, barks at the ducks down by the canal, and tears around the lawn exhausting Lucky who’s just watching her. Lucky gazes up at me with a look that seems to say “She’s a terrier, right?”

Odd as it sounds, Daisy Mae is actually pretty well-behaved unless treats are involved. She heels and sits and lies down when I ask her to. She’s best at “Leave it” which is important with all the critters we have here in South Florida. But it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on her, just in case. Sometimes there are ‘gators down in that canal.




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