Barkez-vous Français ?

Dear Daisy Mae,

I am Amélie, a Bouvier de Flandres. I’ve read your blog and I think it’s fantastic!  I don’t bark arf-ten. I am very shy, but I have finally worked up the courage to write something to you. I do not bark in English. I bark only in French, so I have translated this. I’d like to eat healthier. I’m trying to outrace Billy the Briard because he gets my dander up. Do you recommend any brands of healthy dog food?

Regards and thanks,

Amélie, Age 9 in human years, 49 in dog years.


Dear Amélie,
Thanks for writing. Do I recommend a brand of healthy dog food? Of course not! What dog would? Healthy is code for tastes like cardboard.
But, since you’re in training, here goes.

I’ve tried every kind of healthy dog food there is and I can truly say that homemade is best. Apparently it’s expensive and time consuming but that’s not our problem, is it?

One thing, though, is that it should have a lot of meat, what you call viande. Not 100% meat like we prefer but at least 40% or so with whatever other “healthy” ingredients your humans feel like chucking in. There are lots of recipes online.

In a pinch (when the you-know-whos are in a hurry) I get something made by a guy named Paul Newman, whoever he is or Royal Canin.

Good luck against Billy.
Daisy Mae



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