Barking At Visitors

Dear Daisy Mae,
How can I stop being aggressive when new people come to my house?
Penny, the West Highland/Patterdale Terrier (aged nearly 1)

Dear Penny,

I have the same problem, especially if the new people are wearing masks and everybody’s asleep.

But aggressive behavior toward new people who’ve been actually invited? That’s a no no. These are guests and you have to be nice, nice-ish, anyway.

You’re small enough (I’m guessing around 13 pounds or so) for your human to lift you up and cradle you like a baby – embarrassing, I know – in order to introduce you properly. You’re young and smart, so you’ll take the cue.

Part of the problem might be that sometimes your humans don’t like the new visitor and you pick up on that negativity and react accordingly. It happens, and when it does it might be best if you spent some time in your crate or in another room until the intruder is gone.
Daisy Mae



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