Calming An Anxious Puppy

Last week in Dog Park, we met Helena, her husband, and Lola, their year-old dachshund mix. They were all charming, especially Lola who’s sweet, friendly, obedient, and much taller than her dachshund parent.

But she has a problem: Separation Anxiety!

When Lola’s parents leave her at home, she howls and barks nonstop. They heard it when they came home, of course, but they thought Lola was just happy they were back.

adaptilA neighbor filled them in and Helena immediately took steps. She got Lola an Adaptil collar that releases what’s called DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone), an imitation of the pheromone nursing dog mothers release. Apparently, it calms anxious young dogs down and can even help with socialization, travel, kennels and training. More info here:

Stay tuned. We’ll check in with Lola and Helena soon to see how things are going. Hope it works for Lola’s sake … and for the neighbor’s sake.



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