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Who Am I?

Dear Daisy Mae,

I’m a small white puppy and I’m told that I’m a “Coton de Tuléar” and I don’t even know what that means. Help.


Dear Harley,

Well, it means you’re a very special dog, indeed. Coton de Tuléar is French for Cotton of Toliara, a town on the southwest coast of Madagascar. That’s your breed, “Coton”, although to me you look like a Bichon, Bolognese or even a Havanese, all of which we have in our dog park. Maybe you’ll become more distinctive looking when you grow up. In the meantime, you are a very cute little critter.

All the best,
Daisy Mae


Cold Feet?

Dear Daisy Mae,

My mom is a sweetheart but she can drive me bonkers sometimes. Every year at this time it starts to get cold out and sooner or later snow falls and there’s ice and such. And she brings home a new set of booties that are theoretically for dogs. Maybe they are but they’re not for this dog. First of all, I’m a bulldog and I don’t prance about like poodles do. I shuffle, sort of, although I can run like the wind when I have to. Second they look goofy. Third, I hate them. Fourth, I’d be perfectly happy to walk through an entire winter in my bare feet. Please note, that I don’t mind wearing a dog sweater of which Mom knits a plentiful supply. Any ideas?

Martin van Buren, the English Bulldog
St Albans, Vermont

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Halters Tops

Dear Daisy Mae,

I’m afraid I’m going to choke to death one day. My leash is attached to my collar and when we go for a walk, you-know-who tugs gently on it while I’m trying to see the sights or sniff something interesting or just trying to move faster than a senile snail – especially when a squirrel crosses our path. When this happens, she tugs and the collar seems to clutch my throat and I gag, ghack, cough and wheeze. Help!

Snafu, the Parson Russell Terrier
Boise, Idaho
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Daisy Mae Wants To Know

Do you think the dog park is good for dogs? My veterinarian does not like them. Your opinion?


Miami Chill

Hi again Daisy Mae,
So it’s starting to get chilly up here in Pennsylvania. In Florida, does it get cold enough that cats & dogs grow a winter coat, or built-in heavy socks? Just wondering!
Frogger the Cat

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Orange You Glad You’re Not a Cat…

Dear Daisy Mae,

We have something in common, besides being dogs. We both have cats.

Mine is a big old orangey thing with far too much fur and way too many toes. There’s an extra one on each of his feet. His name is Patrick and he’s bigger – taller, longer, heavier – than I am and, somehow, faster.

As you can imagine, I am very nice to Patrick in my dealings with him.

How are you getting along with your cat and do you have any tips for me?

Sean, the Maltese Terrier from San Diego

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Jessica’s Hero

Dear Daisy Mae,

I grew up surrounded by dogs, all breeds big and small and I loved them all.

Then I went off to college and, when I graduated, started working – long hours. For too many years, I lived without a dog. It wouldn’t have been fair to any dog.

But, as soon as I married my wonderful husband, Esteban, I started thinking about getting a dog and Esteban smiled and said “Whatever makes you happy.”

So, on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 we brought Ramon home. He was just two months old. I had forgotten how mischievous puppies can be so Ramon, Esteban and I signed up for dog school at PetSmart. Ramon is a great learner and he got along so well with his classmates, especially you, Daisy Mae, and he loved Mike Miller, his fantastic trainer.

Esteban and I had been sweethearts in High School and were married for nine years when we decided to celebrate a religious wedding on Saturday, April 27, 2013.

Then life gave us one of its little surprises; three weeks before the ceremony, I was diagnosed with cancer.

Ramon sensed that something was wrong and immediately set about keeping me company, comforting me and just making me feel good, even when we moved to Houston, Texas, for treatment. When I cried, he would lick my tears as if he was telling me “Mami, don’t worry. It’s just a little bump in the road.”

I am so blessed with my wonderful husband, and we both feel blessed to have Ramon with us. He’s our little hero.

All the best,
Jessica Hecht

Dear Jessica,

So sorry to hear about your problem. I remember Ramon with fondness. What a fun and charming little fellow. Tell him I said hi. Love from all of us – me, Mom, Pop and Pepper.


He who barks last… barks loudest

Dear Daisy Mae,

I just heard a story about the barkingest dog breeds, the top 5 anyway, and Jack Russells aren’t on the list. What a crock. Anyone of us could outbark a Schnauzer at the drop of a bone. What gives?

Jock, the Jack Russell
P.S. The so-called story is here.

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Daisy Mae's 2013 Costume

Halloween Happiness

Dear Daisy Mae,

Thank you for publishing my previous question about fireworks! I hope you’re well! So, now that Halloween is coming up, I see some people plan to dress up their dogs & cats in costumes. Are you getting a costume? Should I like it because it’s cute?

Silly Frogger, The Cat
Delaware County, PA

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Dog TV

Dear Daisy Mae,

We heard there’s a new channel called Dog TV but our Mom and Dad haven’t gotten it yet. This means that when a TV in our house is on, it’s beyond boring except when that dog’s on yelling about Bacon, Bacon, Bacon. Our folks are otherwise very nice to us but we cannot figure out how to ask them to get Dog TV. Can you help?

Mitzi and Mackie

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Daisy Mae’s Secret(s)

Dear Daisy Mae,

I’m writing to spill your greatest secret and to tell your vast readership how you came to be with your Mom and Dad. It was because of me!

You probably don’t know that your Mom and Dad actually babysat me one night when I was just a puppy and my folks had to go out for some obscure reason. (You may have noticed that we live in the same building.)

Naturally, your Mom fell in love with me right off the bat!

The next thing anybody knew, your Mom was calling my Mom and asking if she could come up stairs to visit … me! One thing led to another and your Mom was calling our breeder, Mary Ann Macgregor of Hearthside in Missouri – wherever that is – and looking at you online.

A few days later, my Mom and your Mom and Dad and some other guy went to the airport in Miami to pick you up. I was soooo impressed that you made the trip all by your lonesome. You were 8 weeks old and far too cute. You still are, just not as cute as I am.

Are you ready for the big secret? Your original name isn’t Daisy Mae at all. It’s Donna! At least it was for your first 8 weeks.

The other secret is that Jack the manager of our building, snuggles you every time he sees you, but he snuggles me, too.

Congratulations on your website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. I’m a big fan, or at least I would be if I knew how to get online.

Love, Honey

P.S. Want another secret? We’re half-sisters.
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Cinderella’s Stepsister

Dear Daisy Mae,

I’m about 10 years old I guess. Actually I have no idea how old I am but I do know that for a long time I was the only dog around here and Mom and Pop paid a lot of attention to me. Then they adopted a Yorkie named Chyna (I’m a Maltese, white and elegant if I do say so) and this new critter is acting like the Princess of the apartment and Mom and Pop are buying it! I wish I could just say “Hello, long time loyal dog here. Needs attention” but they would just think I’m barking. What should I do?
Thanks, Paris the (elegant) Maltese

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Blown Away

Dear Daisy Mae,
Baths are okay in the sense of tolerable, but the blow drier! I hate that thing. Any ideas?

Phoebe the Poodle
Amarillo, TX

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DaisyMae Loves PetSmart


Dear Friends

Even I, the Dear Abby of the Dog World, face challenges. Like today, I was relaxing in my customary soft spot of the floor of the office when the door opened and in walked a dog! An almost black brown, chubby dog. How’d he get there? Treason. Betrayal. One of the loves of my life, Emelian, is looking after this creature for a friend. The creature is a Dachshund/Jack Russell mix named, of all things, Dexter – which is Latin for right.


Dexter sat under one of MY desks getting scratched by MY Poppa and stealing my errant treats. I went after him like a lion, but then calmed myself down and pouted all day.

Daisy Mae

Dear Daisy Mae,,

Stay calm. Stop pouting.




DaBull in the China Shop

Dear Daisy Mae,

I love to go for rides in the car with Mom but I’m not allowed in any of her favorite stores or restaurants. What gives? Thank you.
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The Cat’s Pajamas

Dear Daisy Mae,
I scratch and bite at myself all the time. Steroids help but they’re not good for me so I’m off them, at least for a while.

Unfortunately, that meant I wound up with my head surrounded by a cone-collar. I looked like a demented Queen Elizabeth I.

Then, yay!, off came the collar, followed, yikes!, by a pair of pajamas. I look like a blue-eyed ninja. Did I mention that I have bright bluest of blue eyes?

You know why you’ve never heard of cat’s pajamas? Because they’re dangerous. I get all four paws caught up when I try to wriggle my way out of them and then I have to yell for help. Did I say dangerous? I meant embarrassing, profoundly embarrassing.

Any ideas about itchy cat ailments? Thanks,
George, the Blue Eyed Cat
Dear George,
I’d like to say thanks for writing but you’re a cat so we’ll skip the pleasantries, okay?
You’re allergic to something. You live in Florida, so my guess is you’re allergic to the whole state. You should probably live somewhere like, oh, Winnemucca, Nevada. If that’s not possible, and it probably isn’t, you’d best get used to the pajamas or they’ll do something worse like wrap you in an Ace Bandage. Your human might want to make tighter sleeves on those pajamas. Woof, Daisy Mae


Priscilla’s Pesky Brother

Dear Daisy Mae,
Thank you so much for what you do. It’s all so very interesting and helpful. My name is Priscella. I’m a 4- year-old English bulldog, kinda petite and pretty if I say so myself. My Mom recently rescued a puppy and now I have a new brother. He’s really nice and we have lots of fun, but sometimes he bites my face, playfully of course, and you can’t really blame him because I do have lots of extra skin on my face, but at times it irritates me. How do I get him to stop?
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