Chinese Sunburn

Dear Daisy Mae,

I’m a Chinese Crested dog, cute as a button but with only a few wispy strands of hair that look like a bald guy’s comb over. Here’s my problem, I live In Florida, like you, where it is very sunny. Since nearly all my skin is exposed nearly all the time, I worry about getting sunburns. Anything I can do?

Tattoo, the Chinese Crested
South Florida

Dear Tattoo,

We’ve met, right? In our dog park? You’re okay and to be honest, I think you’re kind of cute after your, um, unusual looks sink in. Listen, you’ve got three choices: a) stay out of the sun b) wear sunscreen with at least an SP50 factor or c) both. I recommend c) because even if you’re in the shade, reflected sun can get you. BTW, do c) even when it’s cloudy.

Good luck,
Daisy Mae



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