Cinderella’s Stepsister

Dear Daisy Mae,

I’m about 10 years old I guess. Actually I have no idea how old I am but I do know that for a long time I was the only dog around here and Mom and Pop paid a lot of attention to me. Then they adopted a Yorkie named Chyna (I’m a Maltese, white and elegant if I do say so) and this new critter is acting like the Princess of the apartment and Mom and Pop are buying it! I wish I could just say “Hello, long time loyal dog here. Needs attention” but they would just think I’m barking. What should I do?
Thanks, Paris the (elegant) Maltese

Dear Paris,
Divide and conquer. Whenever Mom or Pop feeds you, wag your tail and make a big fuss of happiness. Later, jump up into the feeder’s lap and curl up, pressing your head lightly into the human warmth. This works. Good luck, Daisy Mae



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