DaBull in the China Shop

Dear Daisy Mae,

I love to go for rides in the car with Mom but I’m not allowed in any of her favorite stores or restaurants. What gives? Thank you.

Hi Sammy,
The short answer is that your Mom needs a new set of favorite stores and restaurants. The other short answer is that if your Mom could pick you up and carry you around, you’d probably be okay but that sounds unlikely, what with you being a bulldog and all.

On the other hand, it is entirely possible that some other dogs might have kicked up a ruckus in your Mom’s favorite places, snatched a pork chop right off someone’s plate (I saw an Irish Setter do that once and I nearly choked laughing), or even had an accident in the lingerie department. It happens. It’s really not fair to blame you but what can you do? The odd thing is that, no matter what, we love our humans but when one of us makes even a tiny mistake we all pay the price.

A few stores let dogs in just about any time. For instance, my friends at PetSmart are delighted to have us. For the other places, your Mom is probably going to have to buy a rolling carrier like a baby stroller. Relax, don’t bark, pretend to be a weird- looking human baby and you’ll be fine.
Good luck, Daisy Mae



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