Dog TV

Dear Daisy Mae,

We heard there’s a new channel called Dog TV but our Mom and Dad haven’t gotten it yet. This means that when a TV in our house is on, it’s beyond boring except when that dog’s on yelling about Bacon, Bacon, Bacon. Our folks are otherwise very nice to us but we cannot figure out how to ask them to get Dog TV. Can you help?

Mitzi and Mackie

Dear M&M,

This great new channel is not only about dogs, it’s FOR dogs, especially when they’re at home while their folks are out. More info here: http://dogtv.com/ Have no fear, I’ve sent your Mom and Dad an email with a warning: Get DogTV or else!! Let me know how it works out so I can follow through on that “or else!!”

All the best,
Daisy Mae



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