Frida the Skye

Dear Daisy Mae,

Other than your own breed, whatever that is, what’s your favorite kind of dog?

Aloysius, the Dachshund
Peoria, Illinois

Dear Al,

Thanks for writing. I’m half Maltese Terrier, half Poodle, so I’m a mutt, I guess. I like all other kinds of dogs but some breeds fascinate me, like Frida the Skye Terrier. I’d love to meet her someday.

She lives with her people, Hannah and Ricardo, in Hollywood, Florida, a few towns north of where I live with my people who get to visit their friends up there but leave me here at home, alone with the cat.

Frida is nine years old. I’ve so wanted to know a Skye like her at least since I heard this great song.

Skye Terriers are pretty rare these days, even in danger of disappearing in the UK. Oh, I hope not. They’re beautiful. Don’t you love Frida’s ears?

Skye Terriers have to be tough to survive on their Isle. It’s off the northwest coast of Scotland where there are cold winds, cold beaches, cold waters and cold mountains plus lots of work for little dogs. On the other hand, they don’t have alligators, so there’s that.

Apparently Skye Terriers are extremely loyal if the story of Greyfriars Bobby is true. They even made a movie about of Bobby’s love for his master.

I’ll let you know if I ever get to meet Frida.

All the best,
Daisy Mae



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