Halters Tops

Dear Daisy Mae,

I’m afraid I’m going to choke to death one day. My leash is attached to my collar and when we go for a walk, you-know-who tugs gently on it while I’m trying to see the sights or sniff something interesting or just trying to move faster than a senile snail – especially when a squirrel crosses our path. When this happens, she tugs and the collar seems to clutch my throat and I gag, ghack, cough and wheeze. Help!

Snafu, the Parson Russell Terrier
Boise, Idaho

Dear Snafu,

Thanks for writing and what a great name. I know the problem. One solution is for you to relax and stop pulling at your leash but we both know that’s not going to happen until you’re a little older. (I’m guessing that you’re my age, which is about 20 months.) The other solution is for your human to get you a harness that goes around your shoulders, behind your front legs, and attaches at the chest, underneath. This will still pull you back from the brink of disaster but without the ghack effect. Let me know how it works out. XXXXX




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