He who barks last… barks loudest

Dear Daisy Mae,

I just heard a story about the barkingest dog breeds, the top 5 anyway, and Jack Russells aren’t on the list. What a crock. Anyone of us could outbark a Schnauzer at the drop of a bone. What gives?

Jock, the Jack Russell
P.S. The so-called story is here.

Dear Jock,
Thanks for writing. Most of the Jack Russells I know are pretty quiet as they run about doing whatever it is you guys are always doing – do you ever just sit and, I dunno, smell the roses? I know you can bark and when you do you’re pretty good at it, just not as good as, say, I am. But the issue isn’t quality of barking, it’s frequency of barking and as far as I’m concerned you’re not even in the top 25. Please don’t take this as a hint that you should practice.

All the best,
Daisy Mae




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