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How many times a day should I feed my dog?

Answer.This is a mildly tricky question because dogs are smart and manage to eat more and more often than you think: treats, table scraps, leftovers, raiding the garbage pail, picking stuff up off the street during their walks and so on. Assuming you can control treats and discourage scrounging, dogs should be fed twice a day. Three times a day when they’re puppies.

How do I decide on the best food for my dog?

Answer.It’s more than just what the dog likes. You need the right combination of healthy ingredients and eatability. (It seems that some dogs would rather starve than eat the healthiest food – but it can’t hurt to try it for a few days.) Start by checking ingredients on the package. The first 5 items listed will tell you all you need to know. Just remember, dogs eat meat.

Can dogs eat raw meat? Should they?

Answer.Good question. Assuming it’s fresh without a lot of fat or splintery bones, raw meat may be better for your dog than cooked or processed. Their systems are
designed to break down bacteria that our human systems can’t handle. Besides, cooking and/or processing can remove some of the proteins in meat.

What can’t my dogs eat?

Answer.Sometimes I think there’s nothing a dog can’t eat. I’ve seen them eat dry wall! The list of things a dog shouldn’t eat is pretty long. Most fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese are okay but chocolate, grapes, alcohol, garlic and onions are high on the no- no list. For the whole list, and it’s a long one, just Google “What kinds of food are bad for my dog?” @WebMD has a dangerous-foods-your-dog-should-never-eat slide show here: http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/ss/slideshow-foods-your-dog-should-never-eat

My dog has diarrhea. Can you help?

Answer. Maybe. Try a sweet potato, it can settle the stomach. If the problem keeps up, get your dog to the vet, with a towel under his bottom.

How often should an adult dog be walked?

Answer. At least twice a day. Remember, the walk is primarily for the dog’s benefit, not yours, although it can be a good opportunity for training such as practicing “Heel” or “Come”. Otherwise, dogs might like to dawdle, sniff at trees and shrubs (checking the mail) and so on.



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