Kai, The Mostly Hungarian Pointer

Dear Daisy Mae,

Have you ever met a Vizsla and, if you have, what’d you think?

Ignaz, the Vizsla
New York City

Dear Ignaz,

Thanks for writing, Ignaz. Very cool name.

I’ve met a lot of Vizslas, at least three, in our dog park. Now that I think about it, maybe they were all the same dog that I saw every couple of months and he was just getting bigger. Anyway, they’re red, sort of, golden red, maybe, and they basically seem to just run around pointing out various things that any dog would notice – making a point of it, if you get my drift. Understandable if you happen to know, as I do, that Vizsla is an old Hungarian word for Pointer. Amazing that I know that but have no idea what “Hungarian” means.

I do have a promising relationship with a Vizsla “Mix” whom I met just the other day. He’s 4 or 5 month old (nobody seems to know) named Kai. He’s very handsome but sticks his cold nose in other dogs’ business a little too quickly if you ask me. I’m much older than he is but I think we’ll get along anyway. What’s in the mix with the Vizsla? My guess is one of those goofy Labs. (I mean, I love them and all but let’s face it, Labs are goofy.)

All the best
Daisy Mae



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