Mysterious New Dog

Dear Daisy Mae,

Did you meet young Lexie, the new dog at our dog park? She’s beautiful and a lot of fun but what the heck kind of dog is she?

Daisy Dukes, the squirrel hunting Jack Russell
Aventura, FL

Dear Daisy,

I met Lexie yesterday and at first I didn’t know what she was, maybe one of the new –doodle dogs. Turns out, she’s a Portuguese Water Dog. I used to think PWDs were all black like Bo in the White House but they can be black, white, brown or a combo and Lexie is definitely a combo. She seemed to be mixing well with all the other dogs don’t you think? Good thing she has a nice personality because she’s very athletic and might grow to 50 pounds or so. Wow. By the way, she mentioned that, unlike you and that beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback and Archie the little guy, she has no interest at all in squirrels. Fish are another matter.

All the best,
Daisy Mae, the Wonder Dog

P.S. How do you like my new title? I think it’s cool and now all I need is to do something wonderful.



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