Orange You Glad You’re Not a Cat…

Dear Daisy Mae,

We have something in common, besides being dogs. We both have cats.

Mine is a big old orangey thing with far too much fur and way too many toes. There’s an extra one on each of his feet. His name is Patrick and he’s bigger – taller, longer, heavier – than I am and, somehow, faster.

As you can imagine, I am very nice to Patrick in my dealings with him.

How are you getting along with your cat and do you have any tips for me?

Sean, the Maltese Terrier from San Diego

Dear Sean,

Thanks for writing. My cat’s name is Lucy and she says I’m her dog and, I suppose, she’s right. She’s quite a bit older and, thankfully, a little smaller with, I think the right amount of toes. (I’m not sure, because I’ve never seen another cat.)



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