To Pee or Not to Pee?


Dear Daisy Mae,
Why can’t all dog owners let their dogs use pee pads if they are at work, esp if the house doesn’t have a dog door or backyard or somebody to come over to take the dog for a walk?
Snowball Pierre, the maltese


Mon cher Pierre,
Maltese ask such great questions. (I’m half maltese, you know.) The issue of pee pads is a crucial one for the future of our nation. Just to be sure everyone knows what they are: pee pads are a lot like Depends.

<> They’re absorbent, come folded and unfold to about one yard square. Humans, smart humans anyway, position pee pads strategically just about everywhere there’s a carpet. Reasons a dog owner might not make pee pads available include: 1) doesn’t know about them, 2) can’t afford them, 3) doesn’t care about carpets.

Helpful hint: pee pads are great for small dogs like you and I but people with larger dogs such as, oh, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Neapolitan Mastiffs (who need pee pads just for their drool), Irish Wolfhounds, and so on, would be better off with, oh, a pee-mattress.
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae




  1. Fran Dratch

    Our Vet say that pee pads teaches us doggies to pee in the house and not to ask to go out to pee!
    Your Cousins Mitzi and Mackie (from Rydal, PA)

  2. Snowball

    Check out this youtube video of a dog trained to use a human toilet perfectly!!

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