Priscilla’s Pesky Brother

Dear Daisy Mae,
Thank you so much for what you do. It’s all so very interesting and helpful. My name is Priscella. I’m a 4- year-old English bulldog, kinda petite and pretty if I say so myself. My Mom recently rescued a puppy and now I have a new brother. He’s really nice and we have lots of fun, but sometimes he bites my face, playfully of course, and you can’t really blame him because I do have lots of extra skin on my face, but at times it irritates me. How do I get him to stop?

Dear Priscella,
What an interesting way to spell Priscilla! The dog world has its own rules, and rightly so. I occasionally meet a Bulldog over at our dog park and I must say I’ve never seen one I’d describe as petite and pretty. Charming, yes. Distinguished, for sure. Attractive, darned right. Congratulations on your new brother. Sorry he bites but that’s what puppies do. I suggest you try this: Lick his face every now and then. He’ll get the point. But be quick when you do it in case he’s in biting mode. Also ask your Mom to say “No!” firmly without yelling. Good Luck.
Daisy Mae



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