Problems With Bullies


Dear Daisy Mae, I’m not a normal pet. I’m a pot belly pig, actually a mini pot belly pig. I have lots of dog and cat friends. I’m pretty smart too. I love my friends, and enjoy tweeting quite a lot.

But then there are the bullies, humans. Some taunt me tweeting: here piggy, piggy, piggy and send that tweet again and again. The really scary ones say they’re going to come to my house, kidnap me, and put me on the grill.

What I’d like to know is how to put what these bullies say out of my mind, and go on about my business. For the nastier commenters do you have a catchy retort I can tell them before I block them? Thanks for reading and hope you can help and as quickly as possible. Thanks, Daisy Mae.

Maggie, the mini Pot Belly pig


Dear Maggie,
For starters, when you get very serious sounding threats, you should call the cops and give them the thug’s Twitter handle and any information in the Twitter profile.

If you’re worried after that you might want to adopt a really pleasant companion and guard dog such as a bull terrier. As for catchy retorts before you block thugs, don’t bother. They’re not worth it. Just block AND REPORT THEM for Spam, which, now I think about it would be kind of funny.

Love, Daisy Mae



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