State of Grace

Dear Daisy Mae,
I am 13 years old and have always loved animals and want to have a career that works with all kinds of animals. I’ve discovered my empathy prohibits me from working in animal health. I want to pursue a career in animal training (not limited to domestic animals). Do you have any suggestions on schools and/or programs I should look into in my career interest? Thanks.

Dear Grace,
You’re 13 and you already know about empathy. You’ll probably be wonderful at any job you choose.
Apparently, there’s a significant difference between training domestic animals and training wild animals. Key differences are 1) most domestic animals come partially trained (instinct, mostly) and 2) they don’t want to eat you.
I suggest you start by volunteering at animal shelters for the first part and then at the zoo for the second part. Whatever you decide to do, please come back here and tell me about it….so I can follow your career plans.
All the best to you,
Daisy Mae



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