Strange Dog


Dear Daisy Mae,
I’m new in this house. The people seem really nice and there’s a big yard so I can run around and the food’s good. But there’s another creature here. It’s sort of like a dog but I can’t imagine what kind. It’s got a round head like a ball and little perky ears and it hisses. What is it and what can I do with it?
Carl, the Bloodhound


Dear Carl,
It sounds like what they call a cat and you can’t do anything with cats. They just don’t listen. What I did was ignore the cat in my house and that intrigued her (cats are easily intrigued) so, after a while, she came over making a funny sound that cracked me up. It’s called purring and nobody knows how they make that happen. Anyway, we get along now. Sort of. Give it a shot. BTW, it’s best to pay no attention at all to what the cat does in that little sandbox. It’ll just make your humans really mad.
Daisy Mae



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