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Frida the Skye

Dear Daisy Mae,

Other than your own breed, whatever that is, what’s your favorite kind of dog?

Aloysius, the Dachshund
Peoria, Illinois

Dear Al,

Thanks for writing. I’m half Maltese Terrier, half Poodle, so I’m a mutt, I guess. I like all other kinds of dogs but some breeds fascinate me, like Frida the Skye Terrier. I’d love to meet her someday.
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Dear Friends

Even I, the Dear Abby of the Dog World, face challenges. Like today, I was relaxing in my customary soft spot of the floor of the office when the door opened and in walked a dog! An almost black brown, chubby dog. How’d he get there? Treason. Betrayal. One of the loves of my life, Emelian, is looking after this creature for a friend. The creature is a Dachshund/Jack Russell mix named, of all things, Dexter – which is Latin for right.


Dexter sat under one of MY desks getting scratched by MY Poppa and stealing my errant treats. I went after him like a lion, but then calmed myself down and pouted all day.

Daisy Mae

Dear Daisy Mae,,

Stay calm. Stop pouting.