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This is my new best friend at Dog Park.

If her name isn’t Whitey, it should be. I think she’s part Labrador or Golden Retriever, two breeds that are more or less the same to me. We got along great despite the fact that she’s three times my size, not as big as my Newfoundland friends but plenty big enough. Anyway, what other breed do you think she might be? And who’s prettier, Whitey or me?


This is Ozzie.

This is Ozzie, my friend from Dog Park. He’s a tall, handsome Labradoodle (half Labrador Retriever and half French Poodle). Sometimes he looks like Bert Lahr (the lion in Wizard of Oz – maybe that’s where his name came from.) He’s quiet and intense, rarely barking but often charging around the park on a serious mission such as chasing a tennis ball. I know he’s always glad to see me because he immediately ignores me, and I ignore him, as we work our way casually around the usual pack of small dogs until we can sniff each other’s you-know-whats. His is a lot higher up than mine.