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He who barks last… barks loudest

Dear Daisy Mae,

I just heard a story about the barkingest dog breeds, the top 5 anyway, and Jack Russells aren’t on the list. What a crock. Anyone of us could outbark a Schnauzer at the drop of a bone. What gives?

Jock, the Jack Russell
P.S. The so-called story is here.

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Dear Friends

Even I, the Dear Abby of the Dog World, face challenges. Like today, I was relaxing in my customary soft spot of the floor of the office when the door opened and in walked a dog! An almost black brown, chubby dog. How’d he get there? Treason. Betrayal. One of the loves of my life, Emelian, is looking after this creature for a friend. The creature is a Dachshund/Jack Russell mix named, of all things, Dexter – which is Latin for right.


Dexter sat under one of MY desks getting scratched by MY Poppa and stealing my errant treats. I went after him like a lion, but then calmed myself down and pouted all day.

Daisy Mae

Dear Daisy Mae,,

Stay calm. Stop pouting.