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Gimme A Little Kiss, Will Ya, huh?

Dear Daisy Mae,
I know that you almost never run letters from humans, but I thought I’d give it a try. You know my Cocker Spaniel, Brodie? He’s very friendly and loving but he never kisses (licks) anyone, including me. The best I can hope for is a wet nose. What can I do? Anything?

Audrey F
Brodie’s Mom

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Meow, Fireworks sound like “Splosions”


Dear Daisy Mae,
My Cat Daddy says that on July 4th, a lot of people shoot off fireworks & such to celebrate. I get scared & run under the couch when there\’s thunder, so I\’m worried about doing that this week. I there anything my people can do to make me feel better? I don’t think they can go around to all the neighbors and towns to ask them not to use fireworks, can they? Read more…