Tally Ho


Dear Daisy Mae,
We’re raw-fed puppies, and we get to eat some really yummy stuff–turkey, deer (mom calls it venison), quail, duck, rabbits.
We have all of those things wild out here in the country. Mom says that they’re all nasty creatures though, and she won’t let us go out and catch them ourselves? We don’t think she’s making sense at all.
Barkly & Vlad

Dear Barkly & Vlad, I just about had a heart attack when you said you’re raw-fed puppies. I thought someone was feeding you raw to something else, like a barracuda.

So, if I’m following you right, your Mom feeds you raw wild animals. Cooked is better. You don’t know where those things have been.
Plus you have no hope of catching deer, ducks, quails or turkeys unless someone shoots them for you and where’s the fun in that? That leaves rabbits. You’d have a slight chance of catching a rabbit, if you found one sleeping.
In other words, your Mom makes sense. Still, chasing things is fun, so give it a shot if you ever get a chance. Don’t forget to shout Tally-ho!
Let me know how it works out.
Daisy Mae



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