Ted and Emma

Hey Daisy Mae,
I love your website! We connected in Twitter and then I’ve gone here to see you :) I have written a blog and a book on my experiences with humans: http://tedterrier.blogspot.co.uk/. I wonder if you agree with me that dogs have just the right amount of intelligence but humans sometimes have too much for their own goods ;)
Love and Licks, Ted and Emma (human sis) XOX

Dear Ted and Emma,
Thanks for writing. I’m not sure about this human intelligence thing at all. They don’t sniff stuff like we do. They have no idea about creatures lurking in the dark and they don’t stick their heads out the window when they’re driving their cars. On top of that, they pick up our poop in little bags AND THROW IT AWAY! Perfectly good poop, too. Imagine. Still, they can open cans of dog food (how it gets into the cans, I just don’t know). Maybe it’s something to do with thumbs. Oh yes, and they give us love and affection (the best part).
Daisy Mae



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