The Cat’s Pajamas

Dear Daisy Mae,
I scratch and bite at myself all the time. Steroids help but they’re not good for me so I’m off them, at least for a while.

Unfortunately, that meant I wound up with my head surrounded by a cone-collar. I looked like a demented Queen Elizabeth I.

Then, yay!, off came the collar, followed, yikes!, by a pair of pajamas. I look like a blue-eyed ninja. Did I mention that I have bright bluest of blue eyes?

You know why you’ve never heard of cat’s pajamas? Because they’re dangerous. I get all four paws caught up when I try to wriggle my way out of them and then I have to yell for help. Did I say dangerous? I meant embarrassing, profoundly embarrassing.

Any ideas about itchy cat ailments? Thanks,
George, the Blue Eyed Cat
Dear George,
I’d like to say thanks for writing but you’re a cat so we’ll skip the pleasantries, okay?
You’re allergic to something. You live in Florida, so my guess is you’re allergic to the whole state. You should probably live somewhere like, oh, Winnemucca, Nevada. If that’s not possible, and it probably isn’t, you’d best get used to the pajamas or they’ll do something worse like wrap you in an Ace Bandage. Your human might want to make tighter sleeves on those pajamas. Woof, Daisy Mae



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