West of Where?!!!

Dear Daisy Mae,

This is a photo of me getting a treat from my wonderful human. That’s not
why I’m writing, though. (It’s the only photo of me I can find; there must
be hundreds more somewhere but where? I dunno.) Anyway, I’m writing because
something has always puzzled me. My name is Mister but everyone calls me
Westie. What’s up with that? West of what? If you can solve this one, I’d be
very grateful.

All the best,
Mister, not Westie
Miami, FL

Dear Mister,

First, I love the photo. It looks like you’re eating your human’s thumb.
Second, you’re a terrier, a terrier’s terrier, so you should be able to dig
up more photos. Third, Westie is your breed. You’re a West Highland Terrier
and Westie is a nickname, sort of. The Highlands are in a place called
Scotland. Besides you, I know four other Westies and I see dozens of other
Westies walking around Miami and Hollywood. But I know that the Highlands
and Scotland can’t be anywhere near here because the land is very, very low.
No hills. So, I assume you and the other Westies are visitors, so welcome.
Hope this helps.

Daisy Mae



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